Airport Health 101

Last fall my husband and I had to hop on a plane for a last minute trip due to a death in the family. This trip turned into a mind-shifting time that was well spent with family and friends. We got to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday, a celebration of life, and lots and lots of family time. On the not-so-fun side, I was laying down about to fall asleep and all of a sudden I hear this super eerie noise and come to find out it was mosquito sprayers. I felt like I was living in Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring. Anyways, the trip is what inspired this blog post so I hope you enjoy.
If you follow my Instagram, you saw some travel tips. These tips are all things that I do when I am traveling so I am assured that my body will be taken care of and well off. Traveling is a stressful thing so it is good to take care of ourselves. You may be wondering, “why would traveling be stressful?” well, as humans we are creatures of habit and when we travel we are thrown out of our normal routine and this leads to stress. Your eating schedule is off, your sleep schedule is changed and you are 30,000 feet in the air.. so, naturally you’re stressed! Since travel is a part of our lives today, it is fine that we undergo this part-time {acute} stress; as long as it comes to an end and isn’t chronic. So here are few things you can do to support your traveling soul:

  1. Drink plenty of water. Seriously, stay hydrated because your body needs it!
  2. Bring your own tea bags for the plane and you’ll be on cloud 9.
    • Airlines usually carry Twining’s tea which is filled with pesticides, yuck!
  3. Pack healthy snacks with protein, carbs and fats.
    • Foods: Fruits, vegetables, protein foods (no chips, pop, candy, etc.)
    • Examples: Strawberries, carrots, apples, nut butter, hard boiled eggs, hummus, nuts, trail mix, bars (GoMacro, KIND, RX), gogi bites, these primal bars are currently my favorites 🙂
    • It is so important that you are up and moving throughout the day. I understand that can be hard on a plane, but that’s a myth, it’s reeeal simple. You 1) stand up 2) walk to the bathroom 3) fake pee 4) hangout around the back of the plane/stretch 5)sit down, & repeat every hour or so 🙂 haha, I’m guilty except I actually have to pee because I drink so much water.
  5. Bring immune support.
    • emergenC (not my fave but gets the job done), GABA (calming), magnesium (relieve cramps and prevent travel-caused constipation), your normal vitamins (supplementing doesn’t stop just cause you’re traveling!)
  6. Go on a scavenger hunt through the airport to find the healthiest food you can!
    • If you didn’t pack enough, airports are getting pretty good at having health{ier} options. Shoot, the Portland airport even had a full on organic restaurant.
So, now that you are prepared to take on all the airports in the world I challenge you to do just that!
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