Bushfire Kitchen is a TOP spot for California healthy comfort food. If you’re in here, no more waiting, get your booty into this joint for some ribs, lemonade and sweet potato fries.

California healthy comfort food

Photography by @kara_thewholemomma, editing by @simplholistic

Lucky for you, Bushfire Kitchen has three locations in California: Del Mar, Temecula and Carlsbad. All of which is killer vacation spots so, hop on over to your favorite airline, book your flight and get to munchin’. As soon as I drove past their Temecula location, I HAD to stop in. I was with my gramps and we how gramps’ can be.. a little.. picky.

Bushfire Kitchen - Organic Restaurant California - California healthy comfort food

He thought, oh geez, what is this health nut dragging me to eat today. Let me just tell you, he was STOKED about it and bought my grandma there for date night just a few days later. This is another spot you have to try in California! Incase you’re new, Wellness Everywhere is a place for wellness travelers (& locals) to find TRULY healthy eats around the nation. We don’t settle for anything less than perfect and actually interview and go in to each restaurant before we get them on the site.

Bushfire Kitchen – California healthy comfort food

California dwellers and adventures, we all know that this huge state has so much to offer. From food – to hiking – to beaches, I’d say they have it all. If you haven’t stopped into Bushfire Kitchen, the time is now. One stop in and you’ll be hooked. I mean, what kind of health food restaurant has Tri-Tip, Baby Back Ribs, Burgers or vegetarian meals, they have something for you. Their menu is seasonal, supports local farmers and is as organic as possible. After googling “California healthy comfort food” about 17 times and finding NOTHING, I decided it was time to get Wellness Everywhere up and going. Welcome!

Bushfire Kitchen  - Healthy Comfort Food - California
Wellness Everywhere - California Healthy Restaurant

The goods

First, the Chipotle Braised Short Ribs. This isn’t a small plate so, come hungry. These red wine braised ribs are served with organic brown rice and a side of seasonal veggies. Kara describes them as: “incredibly tender and flavorful. There was a nice smoky flavor from the chipotles, but not spicy. The combination of the fall apart short ribs with the fresh, slightly crunchy veggies was a delight.” Hmm, sounds like this one is going on the list of must-orders!

Next, Quinoa, Beet & Power Greens Salad w/ citrus vinaigrette. “Greens, garbanzo beans, beets, quinoa, oranges & avocado. This salad was so fresh, light and bright! The citrus vinaigrette brought all of the flavors and textures together so well! A highlight, for sure!”

Bushfire Kitchen - Organic Restaurant California - Quinoa Salad
Bushfire Kitchen - Organic Restaurant California - Gluten free & Soy Free

Don’t tell me you thought I stopped there

Then, there was the Bushfire Special Grass-Fed Burger w/ avocado and bacon… oh my goodness. “Real aged cheddar, lettuce, pickles, red onion. house-made peri mayo and gluten-free sweet potato fries. This may have been one of the best burgersI’ve had in a long time! Paired with hands down, the best sweet potato fries, I don’t think I’d be able to visit Bushfire again without ordering this burger!They definitely know how to nail a good burger!”

Bushfire Kitchen - Organic Restaurant California - Gluten Free Empanada
Healthy Restaurant California - Lemonade
Kara the whole mama - Wellness Everywhere

The service because.. it can make or break any good food

“Was truly exceptional. All the employees were friendly, happy to help and serve and more than happy to answer all my questions! You could tell they all feel valued and take a lot of pride in their jobs at Bushfire. Brandon even allowed one of the employees to make her family’s traditional Empanadas as a special offering at Bushfire. They are served with a housemade chimichurri sauce that is to DIE for and the Empanadas are baked instead of fried. Again, you could tell the immense pride each and every employee took in their work. A true pleasure to be served by them all. “

Bushfire Kitchen - Organic Restaurant California - Friendly Staff

Here’s what they’re all about

“He sources them from The Mullins Family Farm in the Temecula Valley. The Mulllins are retired college professors that have a passion for sustainable and regenerative farming. Brandon is able to provide these local and organic avocados to his customers at a reasonable price by working with the Mullins Family and agreeing to accept the avocados that may not look perfect on the outside, but are perfect on the inside (isn’t that what we ALL hope for ourselves??). “

  • all entrees are all available gluten-free
  • non-GMO rice bran oil for their frying (2x as expensive as other junky oils commonly used in restaurants!)
  • bottle free beverage options to reduce waste
  • natural grass-fed angus
  • fresh pacific northwest salmon
  • Brandon sources their beef from a local farm that leases untouched grass lands from the government to make acquiring grass-fed beef financially attainable without compromising on quality and sustainability
  • only accepts ground beef that contains 4 or less different cows

“There is just no way I’d use a highly processed oil in my kitchen. I’m not going to poison my customers!”

Brandon, Owner
Grass fed beef vs. conventional - Toxins

More on their efforts & values

  • Grass-Fed Beef: Pasture-raised Midwestern cows raised solely on native vegetation. USDA Certified Choice+, Never-Ever (antibiotic & hormone free), young cattle (24-30 months)
  • Free-Range Chicken: Chickens raised the old-fashioned way, with plenty of space in sunny California and a GMO-free diet. USDA Certified All Natural, Never-Ever (antibiotic free)
  • Free-Range Antibiotic-Free Pork: Domestic Duroc naturally raised and fed a 100% vegetarian diet. Free of antibiotics, hormones, fillers, and extenders
  • Local & Organic Produce: working with local farms as much as possible to source fresh, high quality, seasonal ingredients
California healthy comfort food  & why you MUST try Bushfire Kitchen ASAP.

Kara from @kara_thewholemomma was the guest blogger for this Wellness Everywhere invite. If you’re a photographer and health nut, send me an email at simplholistic@hotmail.com. I am looking for contributors to the site & who knows, you may just get invited into your favorite restaurant!