Frankie & Jo’s: Seattle Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Seattle’s dairy-free ice cream shop: Frankie & Jo’s has two locations in Seattle, Washington. If you find yourself on Capitol Hill or in the Ballard District, you must head in for a delicious gluten-free cone filled with creamy uniquely flavored ice cream. Let’s get our ice cream fix on!

Seattle Plant Based Ice Cream

I was recently in Seattle for a Microsoft conference and had been DYING to get into Frankie &  Jo’s. I’ve been waiting for 3 years now and it finally happened. I planted my face into some delicious dairy-free ice cream. Could my day have gotten any better? I had a few things on my list and knew I had to get in here to review it for you guys. This is part of our Wellness Everywhere series that is launching this fall! If you’re staying in DT Seattle, you’re a short walk away from their Capitol Hill location and a quick bike ride from the Ballard location. No car, taxi or bus required.

Seattle dairy-free ice cream shop – Frankie & Jo’s

If you’re heading to Seattle, you have lots of options for healthy cuisine and treats. They have a pretty health-conscious community over there. Plus, everything is nestled pretty closely together which makes it extremely convenient (or dangerous for you wallet) for your healthy pleasures. My husband, friends and I were walking back to the hotel from Mighty-O Donuts when we came across Frankie & Jo’s. I knew I was planning on going but I didn’t know exactly where it was located. It was all too convenient and I was not mad about it! The line was out the door and people had smiles on their faces.. we had to be in the right place. Then, I looked up and saw the pretty pink sign and knew I had made it.

This cute shop is quaint and neatly decorated with flora and fauna prints. Beautiful green plants bring life into the room and the high ceiling gives it a nice ambience and open feel. They have bar stools and wooden bars near the windows for nice light as you lick your delicious ice cream scoops. So, let’s talk flavors and what we got!

The goods

First, we orderer the Salted Ash with Gingered Golden Milk because
1) I’m a health nut and NUTRIENTS
2) I’m a food blogger and DANG that color contrast
We got it in a gluten-free cone that’s made right on site.

My husband ordered the Jamocha Chaga Fudge with Beet Strawberry Rose Sorbet. The Salted Ash has a wonderful salted/smoked flavor with the perfect creamy consistency. The Gingered Golden Milk was my all time favorite and if you’re a ginger lover, you’ll love it too! It has fresh turmeric root, black pepper and candied ginger…. it’s no joke. The Fudge is made with Chaga – a medicinal mushroom – and elm coffee. Now, sorbet usually isn’t my favorite but they know what they’re doing over there with this one. Rose water, local strawberries and beet juice make a radiant pink sorbet that’s perfect for a summer day.

dairy-free ice cream, seattle, wellness everywhere, simplholistic, frankie and jo's

dairy-free ice cream, seattle, wellness everywhere, simplholistic, frankie and jo's

Oh, there’s more

Each month they release new seasonal flavors that are incredibly unique and delicious. Then, they have their “everyday flavors” like everyday date, everyday ice cream and everyday sorbets. You will find those year round because we all know ice cream is for more than just summer.

Inside the ice cream, you will find chunks of brownie, activated charcoal caramel, tahini fudge, fluffy cakes and shortbread cookies. They make their plant-based ice cream with clean ingredients no gluten. YES! Additionally, they make their cones in-huse with maple syrup, oat flour and a little bit of brown sugar andddddd of course, they’re gluten-free.

Here’s what they’re all about

  • plant-based ingredients
  • pure ingredients
  • no gums / stabilizers
    • guar/gellan gum
  • sprouted cashew milk
  • coconuts milk
    • if you have a nut allergy
  • organic cane sugar
    • or delget/medjool dates if you opt for the sugar alternative
  • hand pureed/juiced fruit and veggies for sorbets
  • gluten-free ingredients

Don’t worry, I am drooling too.. it’s going to be okay. What’s even better is that if you’re not near Seattle, you can order their dairy-free ice cream online. They ship nationwide and the box and packaging enhances the experience THAT much more (it’s so aesthetic). Another cool thing that’s going on is a partnership between them and @rachaelsgoodeats. It involves her cookies skillet and their flipping delicious ice cream. So, I need to plan another trip to Seattle like.. yesterday.

dairy-free ice cream, seattle, wellness everywhere, simplholistic, frankie and jo's

dairy-free ice cream, seattle, wellness everywhere, simplholistic, frankie and jo's

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dairy-free ice cream, seattle, wellness everywhere, simplholistic, frankie and jo's