Epiphany: Gluten Free Bakery in Florida

Oh hi, are you looking for the best gluten free bakery in Florida? I found it for you! Epiphany Bakery is located in Naples, Florida; on the gulf side of Florida’s south coast. When you plan your next trip, make sure to keep one of your meals open for their deliciously warm and gooey cinnamon roll… k, drooling.

Who said gluten-free is gross?

I only drove past Epiphany 17 times before finally stopping in. Why does it take us so long to do things sometimes? Seriously, I could have been 17 gluten free baked goods happier! Their menu couldn’t have been more enticing so, we made the 45 minute drive and couldn’t have made a better morning choice. This is part of our Wellness Everywhere series – a series for wellness travelers and locals alike! If you’re visiting Fort Myers, Sanibel, Estero or Naples, you’re  a short drive from this dedicated gluten-free bakery. What are you waiting for?

“It’s like having coffee and doughnuts with the Queen of England on a strict low-carb gluten-free diet.” -Mr. Rowland

Gluten free bakery in florida – Epiphany

It’s easy to find that Florida doesn’t have a shortage of food (really does anywhere in the U.S.?) but finding healthier options is more difficult than I thought! I have scrounged google and didn’t have much luck with that which is why I created Wellness Everywhere. I want you (& me) to be able to login to one place and have the world of health at our fingertips, I’m obsessed. Now, there are tons of tourists, shopping malls and most importantly amazing people in Naples. While I was in, I met with several of Ruth’s customers and got to listen to their stories and deep love for what Ruth is doing in this community. 4 out of 7 of the people talked to said they visit Epiphany every. single. day. Whoa, that’s commitment and I easily understood why.

The second I walked into Epiphany I had a sense of “welcome to the happiest moment of your life”. No joke, the smells, the smiles and the decor, everything was so inviting. Chalkboards with personal messages from customers are on the walls and the classy chandeliers mixed with bold prints made quite an exciting contrast of emotions. I felt like royalty at a tea part except I was in jean shorts and a cut off top. The vines hanging from the ceiling make for a perfect atmosphere to sip your coffee and mow down your paleo waffle!gluten free bakery in florida naples food

The goods

First, we ordered the paleo waffle. There are many reasons you have to do the same
1) it doesn’t contain any refined sugar (minus the powder sugar dust that you can leave off)
2) they serve it with fresh blueberries and it’s crunchy on the outside
Of course, my husband had to have some warm maple syrup and man was it  d e l i c i o u s !

Next, they brought out the garden pizza. A colorful garden delight on a crispy thin pizza crust that’s made in house. It came with peppers, greens, fresh cheese and a slightly herby taste. It wasn’t dry at all and was “really really good, like really good” according to the man! If you order it for one, you’ll have leftovers which is never a bad thing! Or, you can share it with someone you love. If you’re not sold on this gluten free bakery in Florida, what else can I do to convince you?

gluten free bakery in florida epiphany

Oh baby, it’s dessert time

Cream puff – All I know is when I took a bite, it took me right back to my great grandma’s living room in Alaska. They have dairy-free options and oh my gosh, it’s to die for. Think buttery, flakey, perfectly sweet and baby crunch on the outside. It’s lite so, you don’t feel like you ate a small farm by the time you’re done.

Cinnamon roll – Where are my cinnamon roll lovers? If you said “hollaaahhh”, get your booty into Epiphany ASAP. Let me describe something beautiful to you: you’re on a beach, someone beautiful brings out a warm and gooey cinnamon roll. Then, they drizzle a freshly made icing over top and as it begins to steam you take a bite while listening to the crashing waves. That’s not what happened here but you could pack it up and bring it to the beach, it’d basically be the same, right?

gluten free bakery in florida family friendly

gluten free bakery in florida dairy free

Paleo date walnut brownie – This is my favorite. I am a brownie fanatic so, finding one that is paleo and doesn’t contain refined sugar is a win. This gluten-free brownie is moist, caramely and not too sweet. It has the corner piece crunch on the edges #teamcorner and the walnuts give it the perfect crunch!

Pop’s Cookie – If you’re a basic sweets person, this is your cookie. It’s made by Ruths father-in-law and is a customer favorite. People actually have them custom make these cookies so they can get them by the dozens to freeze at home. Pop’s cookie is crispy on the outside, moist on the inside and pretty big. Remember, it’s sweet so, if you LOVE sweet, go for this! It was a bit too sweet for me but.. it’s me and we all know I think dates are too sweet.

Here’s what they’re all about

  • sustainable materials for packing their food
  • kicking plastic (straws too)
  • giving gluten-free people a chance to eat out again without fear
  • being a spot for everyone
    • keto, paleo, gluten free, vegan, dairy free, & more
  • organic and local whenever possible

gluten free bakery in florida keto

What I learned from being here is that their regulars love everything and are actually guinea pigs for new menu items. Starting the summer of 2018, Ruth (owner) started offering keto treats like cheesecake, rolls, pumpkin pie and bread. You can even get custom pies/cakes/goodies made at this gluten free bakery in Florida! Here’s the inside scoop from a super start regular customer Linda:

“Get the paleo rolls, slice them up and put them in your freezer. Then, you’ll have them for sandwiches, jam or just when you need a bread fix. Everything here freezes well, everything. The rolls don’t have yeast and that’s why I buy them cause of my strict diet. Oh and don’t forget the biscuits, they’re killer.”

Gluten Free Bakery in Florida