Healthy Travel: With THE Healthy Voyager

You know those traveler bloggers that our eyes are glued to? Well, I had the honor of interviewing The Healthy Voyager just for YOU. Come learn all about how to travel well, on a budget and with health in mind with Carolyn Scott Hamilton.

The Healthy Voyager

Carolyn Scott Hamilton has a M.S. in Holistic Nutrition, PhD in Naturopathic Medicine and is a holistic chef. Her dream to create a vegan friendly travel resource stemmed from her love of healthy travel on a budget. She launched a vegan food and travel show in the infancy of Youtube and found her niche in travel and wellness. Now, she is a full-time traveller and wellness influencer in a growing space of holistic health.

How she got started: Back in 2006, she launched The Healthy Voyager as a vegan travel blogger. She didn’t have many options for vegan food while she was traveling for work so, she created this amazing travel resource.

“No one was doing vegan travel, especially on youtube…. I want people to see the world without their dietary restrictions.”

Healthy Voyager - Travel, Vegan, World

Top 7 travel tips:

  1. stay hydrated – bring a water bottle, fill it up and save money
  2. sleep – the most important thing so bring an eye mask, ear plugs, scarf, neck pillow and melatonin in your carry on bag
  3. always bring comfortable shoes – walk around the city, hit the gym and stay active
  4. SNACKS – trail mix, powdered veggie packs,
  5. RESEARCH – know before you go and check out local markets to stock up your hotel room and save money
  6. wing it – have your restaurants you want to visit but follow the locals and check out those hidden gems and learn the culture
  7. wear your smart cap and have an awesome adventure

Personal favorites: The Healthy Voyager believes there is too much world to choose one place! Food, adventure, people

  1. Kenya
  2. North Pole
  3. Iceland
  4. Thailand
  5. Galapagos Islands
  6. NEXT —> Japan, Maldives, Seychelles, Bhutan, China, Antarctica

Where you can find her:
Everything is found at her hub

She does it all and YES she has a delicious world-inspired vegan cookbook that veganizes cultural meals from all around the world. Who thinks I should partner with Carolynn and go on a wellness trip, find all the good food and healthy spots? ME!

Healthy Voyager - Travel, Vegan, World


Healthy Voyager - Travel, Vegan, World