Holistic Travel: Seattle Edition

hello everyone, i am just going to take the spotlight for one sentence. i am 21 now & i created a guide to eating healthy in seattle, washington! see, wasn’t so bad, huh. my little sister lives near seattle so we figured that would be a good meeting point for us, her, my mom & my brother. it was such a treat to be with my momma for my 21st birthday. let me just tell you, she is the life of the party. anyways, seattle is top notch if you are eating on a budget, organic, local, vegan, juicing or whatever it may be. so many juice bars, sushi restaurnts, grocery stores & whole foods… if you live in eastern washington, it isn’t that far away & it makes for a beautiful road trip. for my 20th birthday i went to several of these places & i came all the back (6-hour drive) so you must try them! well, here is the guide because we know it’s all about the food.

  1. Pressed juicery

what? to be honest, i totally fan girl over this place since i always see it on shutthekaleup’s & rachelmansfield’s instagram pages. they are two super influential women in the blogging/food world & i look up to them. when i saw that they were opening in seattle i was even more sold on the idea of seattle for my birthday. this was the 1st one to open up in the PNW and I finally got to go. they are a a cute little juice shop with fresh pressed juices, freeze & more.

what i get: a birthday treat, i got a birthday treat! i got a mix of the green & chocolate freeze topped with strawberries, blueberries & almonds. THEN, my little brother didn’t want his so I ate that one too .. (oops) his was chocolate with chocolate drizzle & chocolate chips.

who can you bring? you can bring anyone who is down for some good ice cream. just don’t tell them it’s dairy free until after they’ve eaten 😉

  1. Agua verde

what? this place is THE most random restaurant you will ever go to. it’s a combo of a Mexican restaurant and a paddle board club? i know, strange, but the good kinda strange. they serve authentic ORGANIC mexican food. in case you missed my bio, i am a lover of mexican food & to find it organic is like entering the pearly gates.

what i get: as always, you must start with the chips & salsa. they have a salsa bar so you can pick whatever your heart desires. i order the sweet potato (something) with rice & beans. their beans have the perfect flavor/texture & are to die for. then i finish the night off with the coconut flan.

who can you bring? anyone & everyone (including me). good for vegans, vegetarians, organic people, old-fashioned eaters, kids & tourists. 

  1. Portage bay café

what? have you ever imagined a modern building in the middle of a big city that serves all you can eat breakfast? if not, it’s your time to start dreamin’. this restaurant got a 10/10 for appearance, service & food and i’m a picky person. they serve breakfast & lunch and have menu items ranging from pancakes to chicken subs. all organic & all delicious.

what i get: naturally, i order the naked french toast and make a dash to the toppings bar. you heard me, you get to do whatever you want to those nakey little pieces of (GF) bread. i top mine with fresh berries, nuts, maple syrup & cinnamon. at the time i could handle dairy so i scooped a solid cup of homemade whipped cream on top. then to throw some balance into the mix, i ordered 1 egg. come here & conquer.

who can you bring? anyone that you love & care about. gf & df people, egg lovers, meat lovers, meat haters, coffee sippers, kiddies.


4. Whole Foods

what? whole foods is a healthy grocery store chain that is located in every single location, except for anywhere I have lived/live now. they have a hot bar, smoothie/coffee bar, pizza, mexican, asian, grocery, bread & everything else you could ever think of. the environment is just perfect & the health nuts scattered about make for an even better experience. people often talk about it being “whole pay check” but compared to other stores, it is in the same ball park.

what i get: i always go straight for the buffet bar & load up on a huge salad that comes in weighing a whoppin’ pound. their food is weighed by the pound & it it cool to see how much food you eat in relation to weight. i follow that with some organic dark chocolate & a kombucha.

who can you bring? i brought my little brother aka: pickiest eater alive & he loved it. my mom & husband were also with me and everyone was satisfied! ashlee = 1 & whole foods = 1 (heck yes!)

  1. Bastyr kitchen

what? so this one is a little bit different than the rest of the restaurants i reviewed above. this one is a college that has grabbed my attention. they offer degrees in several different things like: N.D., nutrition, human biology, acupuncture, etc. the school is situated in a national forest and has an award-winning kitchen that serves REAL food. why wouldn’t i be here, like seriously?

what i get: they have a full-service kitchen that has a salad bar, to-go area, healthy snacks & a coffee bar. i would go for the green smoothies in the cold case, a date/nut granola bar & salad.

who can you bring? i came here for a college visit but i am sure you can sign up to come & eat at their kitchen.


alright guys, grab your plane ticket or hop in your cute car & get to Seattle pronto!