Home Sweet Homer ft. K Bay Caffé

This summer while I was back home in Alaska I had the pleasure of stopping into K Bay Caffé on one of our trips to Homer. Homer is the furthest south you can go; they call it “Land’s End”. Homer is also the Halibut fishing capitol of the world. Based off these two things, you know it has got to be a cool place. Along with the fishing, tourists, markets and culture, they have delicious restaurants that always feature top notch ingredients. K Bay Caffé is a sweet café that features items for natives, tourists and fishermen alike. Whether you are in the mood for coffee, peanut butter bars or bacon breakfast croissants, this is your place.

K Bay Caffé has been a special part of homer since 1998, which means they are only 2 years younger than me! The owners, Michael and Caressa, got their start when they wanted a better option for busy Homerites to grab healthy eats. Their hearts are for the planet, our bodies and every person in-between. They attempt to cut out the middle man and source local whenever possible. In addition to employing locals, one of their main goals is to reduce the carbon footprint of the café and promote a sustainable lifestyle.

“It is sometimes difficult to live sustainably in Alaska because we are so far away. It takes a whole tribe.” – Remy, manager

After working for K Bay Caffé for 15 years, Remy was promoted to the café manager. Remy couldn’t be more thrilled as she truly believes in the mission of the café. When speaking with her, Remy stated that “Change comes through loving and honoring our employees which then carries over to our customers; our café family.” She educates the employees on sustainability, product and nutrition. These things together make the customer experience all encompassing. She knows that when her employees are taken care of, they will take care of the customers, the café and themselves. K Bay Caffé has such diversity which makes it a warming and welcoming café for all.

Just like other parts of the world, the Paleo and Ketogenic diets are becoming popular in Homer. The people here are becoming more aware of how important diet and lifestyle are in overall health. Whether people are gluten-free or not, K Bay’s gluten free options are a healthy alternative to conventional refined and processed baked goods. They use ingredients like coconut flour, molasses, dates, cashews and berries. Most of their ingredients are organic, GMO-free and local; this includes fruit, alternative milks and flour. Their goat cheese, vegetables, greens and eggs are sourced from Homer. Talk about a small footprint!

K Bay Caffé is most known for their house roasted Coffee. They have over 19 roasts of coffee that are roasted than less three miles from their storefront. Three of their blends directly support the women in the countries they are sourcing from. This organization is called Femenino; you can learn more about that here. K Bay’s commitment to, not only health and local businesses, but ethical sourcing is incredible. At the coffee bar you can find drip, Americanos, lattes, local chai and other made-to-order drinks. Their signature drink is the Cup of Love. This is a latte made with the barista’s choice of syrup. Right now, they use Monin syrups but are in the process of making in-house syrups. Before the end of the year they should have only signature, homemade syrups for your drinks.

If you are craving coffee, dessert or lunch, you are in luck. As mentioned above, they serve coffee, chai, house made sandwiches, smoothies, burritos, noodle bowls, salads, pastries, beverages and chocolate. The most popular dessert is the Peanut Butter Bliss Bar that is made with peanut butter, chocolate and organic graham crackers. The Korean Noodle Bowl is the hottest lunch item that is perfect to grab on the go or sit down and enjoy. Remy dreams about this one! A newer item on their menu is bacon. Customers urged them to get it and they saw the demand so, they listened and you can now get breakfast croissants with bacon. With peanut butter, chocolate, bacon and coffee, everyone wins. If you are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, paleo or keto, you will find your bliss. Be sure to get here early though because they sell out of mostly everything before 3 o’clock p.m..

Alright, let’s get into the details about the food. I had the chance to try several items from their menu and I will break them down below. I will try my hardest not to make you drool but you might need a napkin. I have also included a key. Now you’ll understand the random letters.

GF gluten-free, V vegan, DF dairy-free, VT vegetarian, P paleo, K ketogenic

Korean Noodle Bowl V, DF, VT – This bowl is a grab n’ go item that you can grab quick or sit and eat. It is made with noodles, house made sauce, kimchi, black sesame seeds and mung bean sprouts. They make their own in-house sauce with molasses, sesame oil and other delicious ingredients that truly makes this dish. This bowl packs up nicely for the next day because if you are anything like me and opted for the desserts (first) you are going to be too full to finish it off.

Quinoa Salad GF, P – Like the bowl above, this is a grab n’ go item in the cold case that’s easy to pack up for the next day. It is a sweet blend of kale, local goat cheese, garden root vegetables (sweet potato, potato, carrots), balsamic reduction and red quinoa. The balsamic is a perfect touch but not overwhelming like some other dressings tend to be. The crunchy kale in the bowl adds not only a crunch but a nutrition power punch. Tie this together with all of those vegetables and you are set for the day.

Carrot Cake GF, V, DF, VT – Two words: FREAKING AMAZING. This sweet treat is out of this world. Think carrot cake on taste steroids. The topping is a coconut cream with toasted coconut and you would never know it’s vegan or gluten-free. I ran out of words to say because my mouth was full.

Doughnut DF, GF, VT – Did you know there were gluten-free doughnuts? There are and they are delicious. This doughnut is made with applesauce and a gluten-free flour blend sans the regular gumminess that comes with GF blends. It is lightly sweet and topped with fresh organic strawberries. YUM

Energy Ball GF, DF, V, VT – You know my love for superfood balls because… why not. These balls are a generous size and are made of dates, cacao powder, nuts and rolled in hemp hearts. They are moist and chocolately with a slight crunch. What’s even better is they don’t fall apart which makes them a perfect car snack.

Spicy Chai GF, DF, V, VT – They use local chai and you have the option between spicy or sweet. I let Remy get creative and she mixed ½ and ½ with hemp milk. I get an iced chai, hold the ice. I am one of those people because I am paying for chai; not ice! Sprinkle with a little cinnamon and you’re set. Don’t forget to opt for the hot chai in the winter because we need warming foods in colder months.

Egg Muffin GF, P, K VT– Since I am still not eating eggs, gramps was the taste tester for this one and let’s just say…. it was once in existence. He devoured the thing! Think omelet in a muffin tin and that’s what you get here. They mix eggs, cheddar cheese, fresh vegetables and spices to bring you this quick and easy breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack.

Blueberry Milkshake GF, DF, V, VT – Hang on, it isn’t what it seems. This is a dairy-free milkshake that is good enough to make you leave dairy behind. They mix sweet dates, juicy blueberries and almond milk. All organic, of course. It is perfectly sweet but not too much. Talk about a pick-me-up on a warm summer day.

Remy’s health tips
1. Always have water, water is your friend and having a water bottle is the best way to assure you will drink it
2. Stop, walk and bring your own lunch when you go to work. This means you have control of what you eat.
3. Sleep, always.

We want people’s day to be better after coming into K Bay Caffé. A smile in the morning can make your day.”

There are several opportunities to use the caffé during and after business hours. Email them here if you would like to:
– rent out their state of the art commercial kitchen (the biggest one in Homer)
– host events in their cafe for art clubs, girls night outs, birthday parties and more
– you can even use it to watch movies and have coffee

Here is some last-minute love from our friends over at K Bay Caffé:
“Respect yourself and respect the planet. We are all the same. It is all a great big circle.”

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