Maggie’s General Store: You’ve Got To Go!

Kenai, Alaska is the hot spot of the week here at Simplholistic. During the summer I would argue that is place (at least) triples in population due to the world class fishing and stunning views. Although a lot of the locals aren’t the biggest fans of the noise and traffic, small business owners love and depend on this busy season. While Kenai isn’t as health-conscious as Homer, Alaska, they surely are taking steps in the right direction. A new bistro, The Flats Bistro, opened about two years ago. They feature local, fresh and organic options whenever possible. This is the first of its kind in this old fishing and homesteading town. Last year, Maggie’s General Store opened. This old-fashioned health food store is in the spotlight for today and you are going to LOVE it.

Maggie’s General Store just celebrated their 1 year birthday and couldn’t be happier with the support they get from the community. They are located off the main road that runs through Kenai; the Kenai Spur Highway. Don’t worry, you can’t really get lost around here as long as you stay on the main roads! They carry local produce, organic dry goods, supplements, organic cold case items and other natural household and beauty items. Maggie’s mother, Rachel, had the brainchild for the store and the rest of the family quickly stepped up to the challenge of opening the first store of its kind in this small town. The family thought, prayed and opened the doors two months after the initial thoughts. Man, I like their style. The family wanted to open a heath conscious store that would benefit not only their own health needs but those of the community as well. Maggie wants her store to be more than just food. She wants it to be a safe place for Kenai residents and visitors alike. She loves that she gets to treat everyone as an individual and not just as a dollar sign. Every person that comes in is welcomed by the small-town Kenai love and lots of health promoting products.

“We want to be all things to all men and women.” -Maggie, Owner

hygiene and beauty products

fresh and local produce

all pantry items a girl can ask for


During my time there, more than ten kids came in with their hard earned change to purchase old-fashioned candy from behind the counter. Something about the little boy that counted – to the very last penny – all the change he had warmed my heart. It’s all about balance. They are teaching kids about value and hard work with a simple piece of candy or fruit. When moms and dads come in with their kids, the kids can play and hang out so the parents can get their shopping done sans stress! In the corner of the store there is a bar table, low-rise game table, board games and children toys. This general store has a place for everyone. Even if you’re afraid of health foods, you can grab an old-fashioned pop out of the pop case. Remember, balance and self-preservation.

Maggie’s is a seasonal store with several local options for purchase. In the summer months you will find organic: berries, melons, apples, lemons, oranges, broccoli, greens, ginger and bananas. The fall months will bring in more squash, root vegetables and fall berries. The winter months tend to have fewer berries and tropical fruit because…. it is winter. Some of the local items they carry are Lucy’s Cookies, Bone broth powder, Loose leaf Tea and produce. Supporting local is a huge part of living a holistic lifestyle and you can read all about that on my supporting local post. The bulk items they care are nuts, flour, rice, beans and other common pantry staples. A small freezer holds gluten-free doughnuts, gluten-free bread, organic sausage, tortillas and berries. The drink case carries a delicious assortment of kombucha, coconut water, organic energy drinks, fruit juice, Barlean’s fish oils and my personal favorite: REBBL. The fridge has alternative milks and dairy milks on rotation due to expensive shipment costs to Alaska. Other items in the fridge are sauerkraut from Farmhouse Culture, local greens, bread, Forager drinks, chlorophyll, Essiac tea, yogurt, Hail Merry tarts, butter and eggs. Jackson’s Honest, Heavenly Organics, Justins, Pacifica, Artisana, Dang, Simple Truth, Purely Elizabeth and Julie’s are a few of the many wonderful brands you will find on their shelves.

Convenience was a huge factor included in their opening. They never want you to drive too far away to get a simple gallon of milk or apples when they have it right there. People that live in the more rural part of Kenai now have the luxury of driving only 30 minutes to the grocery store instead of 1 hour. That makes a huge difference when you are hungry, tired or have kids. If you like products from Rebbl, Farmhouse Culture, Dandies or Purely Elizabeth, get in quick because the barge comes in once every two weeks and they sell out fast!

“It’s convenient and I hate going to other stores when this one has such incredible options. I love the freshness and newness in town. Plus, I am supporting a local business. Everyone here is friendly and it’s a great addition to Kenai.” -Customer

Maggie’s health tips for you: Always dry brush and take chlorophyll.

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