On Eating, Road Trips & Sanity

Beautiful people, this post was created during a cold FINTER (fall/winter) day in lake tahoe. The sun was out, the frost was out & it was freaking beautiful. Seriously, I highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone & their dog. We had only been there for about 15 hours when I wrote the post & I am already won over. The people are kind, the weather is gorgeous & the scenery… okay, so good. We were surrounded by mountains && a lake, so what else could you ever want (except for a beach)?

Anyways, today i am going to touch up on a subject that i get asked about a lot. people are always asking:
“how you eat when you travel?”
“what brands are the ones you most love when you are on the road?”
“is it hard to eat clean when you are out and about?”
if any of those questions have you curious, then this is perfect for you. if you wanna stop in & grab your mcnasties or taco hell, indulge in this post because you will be pleasantly surprised.

my husband and i traveled from eastern washington to lake tahoe for an early family thanksgiving. this trip totaled in about 14 hours of driving time so that meant we needed lots of food to sustain our hungry bodies. the days leading up i prepped a bunch of foods and bought some good road trip snacks. you have to be sure not to only snack because whole meals are also necessary on these long trips. protein, carbs and fats are all essential and you need a healthy ratio of all of these macronutrients. hotel food is often not the best so i bring all the yummies cause if not i will be HANGRY.

question 1: how do you eat when you travel?
answer: we eat the same way we eat at home: organic, non-GMO & whole-foods! we may snack a little bit more than we do at home, but let’s be honest, i am not craving a heaping bowl of glorified oats in my car.

question 2: what brands are the ones you most love when you are on the road?
answer: man, oh man, where do i even begin? there are so many excellent brands when it comes to choosing good road trip foods. seriously, the organic foods world has exploded and there are more than enough options to fuel your adventurous self. i shop at local co-ops, grocery stores and online stores (my favorite). here are a few of my favorites: Califia, Purely Elizabeth, Dang, Justin’s, Rebbl, Radiant Alive, Maple Hill, C20, GoMacro, Kind, Aloha, Trader Joes, Earthbound Farms and many many more. mason jars are also a close companion of mine ๐Ÿ˜‰ & my hydroflask!

question 3: is it hard to eat clean when you are out and about?
answer: not at all, clean eating is a lifestyle change i made almost 3 years ago and i won’t let traveling compromise that decision. it isn’t difficult to prepare foods when i know that i will be out and about. what is hard is when i don’t prepare and i am stuck in the middle of nowhere with no food & i’m hangry cause we all know i’m not about to eat mcdonalds.

with all of that being said, today i challenge you to prepare because if you don’t you are preparing to fail. don’t get caught up in life’s chaos because it will consume you if you let it. you’re true desire of “next monday i’ll eat healthy” will get jumbled up in life and 6 months later you will be upset with yourself. life is all about balance, set time aside to love yourself and eat real food. eat smart, clean and healthy. get outside & enjoy the beauty around you. in the mean time, head over to my website to get my newest meal plan ๐Ÿ™‚ย Don’t forget to comment below and let me know what your favorite travel tips/foods are!