My Favorite ORGANIC Paleo (&AIP) Meal Delivery Service

I have an organic paleo meal delivery service for you! This post has been in the making for quite a while now. I had to try all the food, check the ingredients, meet the team and make sure they were PERFECT before sharing. You can probably guess since I am sharing, they are PERFECT.

Organic Meal Delivery

Paleo On The Go is no joke. Everything from their chef to their meals are top notch. Their team members are a dream and they care about their customers more than most companies. They truly want you to feel good and have healthy food without comprising taste. Mission accomplished. POTG packs their meals with delicious flavor and a variety of produce. From chicken pot pies to mashed potatoes to pumpkin pie, they have it all.

Better yet, their meals are AIP approved. GUYS, this is good news. If you are on the autoimmune protocol for any reason, you can have their food. Their potatoes are actually sweet potatoes. All flour containing products are made with cassava flour. The meat is pastured, local or organic. Plus, there are no refined sugars in anything. Honestly, what other organic paleo meal delivery service do you know of that is THIS good?

organic paleo meal delivery chunk cookies

When I first heard, I was skeptical, “There’s no way”. After the 50th (no joke) ingredient label, I finally stopped checking and realized they are my kinda people.

So, are you looking for gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free, soy-free, refined sugar-free or basically anything else free? There’s an option for you. And desserts, always the desserts.

organic paleo meal delivery cooking

Here’s what we got (all AIP)

Pumpkin Pie – absolutely d e l i c i o u s. One thing I especially loved is that it’s sweetened with maple syrup. It didn’t have that overly-sugary taste. Plus, it’s small enough that you could technically call it a serving for one? Right??

Homemade Beef Pot Pie – Hot dang, who would ever know this is gluten-free? Not I.. not my husband.. not anyone. I am drooling as I type. You pop it in the oven and the edges of the crust get brown and crispy. Best of all, the inside is warm and the house smells like the dang holidays. Don’t get too carried away, share!

Elk Burger with Wild Mushrooms – If you’re looking for a simple meal to please anyone, this is your winner. I mean, who wouldn’t pass down a burger? You can buy your own buns or go bunless, like me… :0 The mushroom gravy on the side is the topper on the burger… err, cake.

Carob Chunk Cookies – We all know I love dessert but my dessert often consists of dates with sunbutter, nice cream with sprouted nuts or dark chocolate with cherries. Whether you’re a cake and ice cream kind of person or a “dessert” person like me, these cookies are BOMB. Pro-tip: put them in the oven for 5 minutes to warm them up & dig in!

Coq Au Vin with Herbed Mashed Potatoes – I didn’t know what Coq Au Vin was but I knew it had to be eaten, pronto. This was my husband’s favorite dish and he didn’t even realize the potatoes were not potatoes. A few hours later he goes, “Wait, aren’t potatoes restricted in the AIP?! What were those?”. Fooled ’em! You have to add this one to your cart, it’s beyond delicious.

organic paleo meal delivery eating

What they’re all about

  • sourcing from local farmers
  • knowing and trusting their farmers
    • read more about their famers here
  • using only non-hydrogenated oils
    • grass-fed ghee, coconut oil, olive oil, rendered fat
  • gluten-free only (no wheat at all)
  • dirty dozen & clean fifteen
    • this means they purchase the dirty dozen items organic 100% of the time
    • they purchase the clean fifteen items conventionally (if they have to)
  • wild fish or Scottish fish
  • soy free alternatives (coconut aminos)
  • sea salt instead of iodized table salt
  • nourishing YOU

Organic Paleo Meal Delivery


POTG is dedicated to healthy living and clean options for you if you want to live a paleo lifestyle OR enjoy a paleo meal. In addition, they took the extra step and made several of their meals AIP approved. I couldn’t have been more excited about this one because we follow the AIP in our home. Here are some of my favorite AIP recipes.

Also, they don’t skimp on quality of ingredients. That means they go the extra mile, building a relationship with the famers and keeping transparency from their kitchen to yours. Organic paleo meal delivery for the win!

If you haven’t thought of this yet, POTG is perfect for traveling. You can place your order to whichever town you’re visiting and eat healthy on your next trip! Now, imagine having your Airbnb stocked with delicious meals that are also making you feel good on your vacation. That’s the purpose of this Wellness Everywhere series. To keep you healthy on the go so you can feel good, look good and play hard!

Do you know anyone who would benefit from this organic paleo meal delivery? Share this with them!

Organic paleo meal delivery service for your next trip