Portage Bay Cafe | Seattle Eats | Organic & GF Brunch

This Seattle organic restaurant is about to rock your world. Whether you’re in Everett, Bremerton, Tacoma, Seattle or anywhere within 100 miles, you have to stop into Portage Bay Cafe. Lucky for you, they have four locations in different Seattle neighborhoods. Whichever location you decide, you’re in for a treat. Let’s eat!

There are a few restaurants I live for and Portage Bay Cafe is one of them. This Seattle organic restaurant is beyond your wildest food dreams. When I lived in Spokane, we made the trip to PBC, Agua Verde and this restaurant more times than we’d like to admit. Honeymoon celebrations, birthdays or any other special occasion called for a road trip to Seattle for FOOD. This is part of our Wellness Everywhere series that is launching soon! So, next time you have a long layover or are visiting Seattle, you have your food itinerary setup for you. You are welcome!

seattle organic restaurant - gluten free

Seattle Organic Restaurant – Farm to Table

If you’re heading to Seattle or have been there before, you know this city is filled with so many sweet treasures. From food to museums to hiking to nightlife, you are taken care of no matter who you are. I’ll be focusing on the eats because… FOOD! Portage Bay Cafe is the star of this post and anyone you bring will be beyond satisfied. Burgers, tacos, breakfast, alcohol, fresh juice and sandwiches are offerings on their seasonal menu. Did you know they want 4 different seasonal menus this year?! Crazy enough, no matter how many times I googled “organic food near me”, nothing popped up! That’s why I created Wellness Everywhere and can’t wait to fill it with healthy eats all over the world.

I dug in a bit deeper into hashtags, blog posts and local Seattle blogger pages and finally found this Seattle organic restaurant. I knew I had to test it for myself and I am STOKED that I get to share it with you. Portage Bay Cafe is aesthetic all around. From the interior design to the menu, it’s a pretty dang awesome place to visit. When you’re done, head over to Frankie & Jo’s for some plant-based ice cream! Enough talking, let’s chow.

seattle organic restaurant - breakfast bar
seattle organic restaurant - brunch
seattle organic restaurant - ballard

The goods

First, we started with a gigantic plate of Heuvos Rancheros. Two local Stiebrs farm eggs, spicy bean dip, house made salsa, queso, scallions and house picked veggies (so good). Best of all, the cilantro lime crema and the crunchy corn tortilla shell. I give it a 10/10!

seattle organic restaurant - heuvos rancheros

Next, the naked fresh toast aka my favorite thing ever. Think about your best french toast dreams and multiply them by 700. Here’s what you can expect: two THICK pieces of (gf) bread with absolutely nothing on them. Don’t worry, you are about to have the most freedom you’ve had in awhile. Walk your cute butt over to the french toast bar and go crazy. They have butter, fresh berries, mangos, peaches, nuts, coconut, fair-trade brown sugar and homemade whipped cream. Plus, 100% pure maple syrup because we are having french toast babe! Every time I visit PBC I order this and I always come home with a big box of leftovers. It’s perfect for two and I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

seattle organic restaurant - french toast

seattle organic restaurant - whipped cream

Don’t even worry, there’s more

  • Flank Steak Salad – Don’t skip the strawberries on this one. The strawberry:pine nut:meat:greens ratio is perfect. This refreshing salad is HUGE so, go halfsies with someone you love.
  • Portage Bage Club – This basic club is just what you need to capture the attention of your basic friend or family member. You can’t go wrong with organic chicken, local bacon, heirloom tomatoes and house made bread.. you just can’t! It comes with a side salad and most importantly, guacamole. And it isn’t even extra.
seattle organic restaurant - steak salad
seattle organic restaurant - club sandwich gluten free
  • Fresh orange juice – It doesn’t get fresher than being squeezed minutes before you drink it!
  • Licorice Mint Tea – If you’re a tea lover, give this one a try. If it’s cold outside, now you have two reasons. Just do it!

Here’s what they’re all about

  • local and organic whenever possible
    • Mary’s Farm organic chicken, Alaska Salmon
    • organic yogurt
    • organic flour tortillas
    • cheese: Tillamook, havarti, Beechers flagship cheddar, goat
    • three-berry compote
    • microgreens
  • pure & clean ingredients
    • 100% pure maple syrup
    • hormone free milk
  • fair-trade ingredients
    • brown sugar
    • organic coffee
    • bananas
  • always house-made
    • sauces, salsa, bread, ferments, etc.
Best date for this Wellness Everywhere visit ^^ my nephew! How couldn’t you fall in love?

The farms they source from

  • Stiebr’s
  • Hill’s
  • Uli’s
  • Columbia Gorge Organic
  • Double R Ranch
  • Skagit Family Farms
  • Shipwreck honey
  • Snack River Ranch
  • Mount Townsend Creamery
  • Carlton Farms
  • Full Circle Farms
  • Oxbow Farm
  • Ralf’s Greenhouse
  • Collins Family Orchard
  • Hayton Berry Farms
  • Theo Chocolate
  • Fonte Coffee Roasters
  • Island Spring Organic Tofu
  • Bluebird Grains
  • Small’s Family Farms
  • 21 Acres Farms
  • Alvarez Organic Farms
  • Beechers Handmade Cheese
  • Hughes Farms
  • Sidhu Farm
  • Hedlin Farms

Need more guidance? Ben (the manager) loves the Farmer’s Hash Bowl. “Farmer’s Hash Bowl is my favorite dish. It includes a variety of local, organic, sustainably grown vegetables that rotate depending on the season. It’s healthy and always changing.”

Bye for now, can’t wait to meet again soon.