Portland: You’ve Got Good Food.

Hey you! I am stoked that you are here with me today because that means you are taking a step in the health direction (instead of right direction, does that work?). It is warm and sunny in Spokane and I even was able to lay out the other day and tan. Summer is here! Something about the sunshine gets me and a lot of other people off our high horses and we get to hike around, play in the sun and go for a dip. It was pretty ironic that the first day of actual warmth my husband and I were leaving town. We were on our way to Portland for the weekend and it turned into a beautiful irony.

The food in Portland isn’t the only food we ate on this trip, duh. We had to get there somehow and we all know it wasn’t the car that got us there but the food! For some of my favorite road tripping foods head over here. I have also provided you with a list of the goods that fueled this trip in particular. Here you go:

Navita’s Organics, Rhythm Superfoods, C2O coconut water, Rebbl (what’s new), Natural Grocer’s organic nuts & lots of water!

In Portland, the weather was just as beautiful and I laid out by the pool while my husband went for a swim. I didn’t burn or tan though. I had to break it to my body that sunshine still existed so, now I think it will put down it’s barrier and let me soak in that sun! First off, the drive from Spokane to Portland is 100% beautiful. Well, I take that back, it is 80% beautiful. Once you get passed the tri-cities, it is all greenery and beautiful mountains. There are a thousand different types of trees and this Spring season showed all the colorful wild flowers. People start to be more scarce and you start to feel a little closer to nature. We were quick to get through Portland because we wanted to miss traffic so, other than our few potty breaks and some ice cream at Eb & Bean, we headed straight to our hotel. If you are looking at going to Portland but don’t want to stay IN the city, I highly recommend the Marriot in Lake Oswego, Oregon. It is in a beautiful location, nice and quite and just 7 miles from downtown Portland.

Now, let’s get to what you are all here for: the food. This is going to be my, somewhat, comprehensive guide to clean eating in Portland. Since I was at the conference for a majority of the time I didn’t get to taste all the goods but I did get to try a few. Here you go!

First up – Eb & Bean. This delicious frozen yogurt shop has two shops in Portland. There is one on Division and one on Hawthorne, both on the East side of the river. I have been dying to go here since I first planned my trip to Portland months ago. The owner, Elizabeth, is a mom, business owner and entrepreneur. She opened Eb & Bean when she couldn’t find healthy shops that would cater to their health conscious lifestyle. Alongside their milk-based frozen yogurt, they offer dairy-free options with coconut and almond bases. All dairy products are hormone and antibiotic free as well as organic. Their toppings are organic, local and free of chemicals. I got the toasted macadamia and vanilla almond swirl with whipped cream, cookie dough, Honey Mama’s, Jackobson’s Salt and cacao nibs, vegan butter finger and toasted hazelnuts. All gluten-free, dairy-free and junk-free. You can also get other toppings like “nutella” hardshell, sprinkles, praline cookies, chocolate chips and gummy bears. Sorry, I’ll give you time to go grab a napkin for your drool. Think I just went once? think again.. I doubled up. Seriously Spokane, step up your ice cream game!

Second – Harlow. This restaurant is super “Portland” and I am so glad we got to stop in. This has been on my radar as well but in all reality, what food hasn’t? Harlow specializes in fresh, conscious cuisine. It is located a convenient 1 mile walk from the Eb & Bean on Division. And yes, we walked, gotta burn those calories somehow! While you are sitting there painting a picture in your mind think chill friends, rustic decor, adequately populated, organic colors and good vibes. Succulents everywhere, upcyled wood and good community. Anyways, Harlow offers a diverse variety of options like smoothies, mac n’ cheese, Harlow Rancheros, cheesecake and kombucha. The smoothies are superfood smoothies. The mac n’ cheese is made with quinoa pasta and dairy-free cheese. The Rancheros is made with pastured eggs and cashew cream cheese. The cheesecake is, you guessed it, dairy-free and the kombucha is.. kombucha in all it’s bubbliness. I opted for the Chipotle Black Bean Chili with cashew cheese, chimichurri and GMO-free cornbread. My husband got the Harlow Rancheros and they were both delightful!

Third – Kure Juice Bar. This delicious juice bar provided my pre-conference fuel and I couldn’t have chosen better. Kure is a juice bar opened by two friends who had a passion for balance and wellness. They believe that balance is the key to life and without it, life’s just boring! They have several locations; we went to the downtown location on Taylor. I ordered the Hot Mess which is an oat bowl with Bob’s Red Mill Oats, homemade almond milk, almonds, coconut sugar, coconut shreds, banana, strawberries and cinnamon. TO DIE FOR. Oh my gosh, how the heck can oats be so good? Free of artificial junk, dairy and gluten. Hayyooooo. My husband got this delicious little bar made of gogi, chia seeds, dates and some other goodies. When you stop in, you can choose from smoothies, acai bowls, superfood hot drinks, cold press juice and other local treats. The customer service is 100 and I would probably spend all my money here if I lived in Portland (of course only my pocket cash, I’m a budget queen).

Lastly –  the Marriot. Since I ate 9/10th of my meals here, I have to write about it. Guys, the chef who catered this event is a freaking winner. He literally exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t have been happier. Let me tell you a little bit about the group he was cooking for. We are a bunch of holistic, organic, granola crunching nutrition professionals. That means no dairy, corn, soy, gluten, artificial junk, fillers, conventional animal products, canned vegetables or anything “normal”. He had to prepare 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners and lots of snacks for us. Think of the times you have friends over (like me) who can’t have X, Y, Z or anything else and you are like… what the heck do I even cook? Salad? Apples? Water? This chef accommodated all of our needs and the food was delicious. Here is a little look at our menu (grab a drool napkin again). They even had organic tea, fresh pressed orange juice and bone broth at every meal. Needless to say, I ate and I ate a lot.

Siete chips, Rebbl & goods.

One more lastly: Whole Foods. I finally was able to try Sieté chips and I am a sucker. Unfortunately, they don’t sell them in Spokane. What have I done… These are the ones I tried & no I don’t get anything from telling you this. They are just BOMB.