Bone Broth, Smoothies, Soups + Vegan Broth

New York City foodies, get your booty into Brodo Broth for the best bone broth in NYC. This coffee-shop style broth bar is your next stop. From bone broth (& vegan broth) to smoothies to (soon) soup and toast, there’s something for everyone. You can’t find delicious and nutrient dense food like this anywhere else!

best bone broth in NYC

Don’t Miss the Best Bone Broth in NYC (vegan options, too)

The second I found a parking spot, for our huge sprinter van, in NEW YORK CITY.. I knew it was going to be a good day. Then, I walked into Brodo Broth in West Village and was blown away. Their menu, their values and their staff are fantastic. You can visit any of the 6 locations for broth to-go, functional smoothies, frozen broths and even take-home soups. Best of all, they deliver bone broth in NYC straight to your hotel or home. The east coast has some dang good food.

Brodo Broth - bone broth in NYC to go

The goods – Broth on tap

All broths and add-ins were created to compliment one another so, you can’t go wrong. Choose whatever flavor profile sounds best to you or come choose one of the ones we tried below! As a Holistic Nutrition Consultant and functional medicine student, I cannot recommend any other food that’s more nutrient dense than healing bone broth!

Hearth + Salt of the Sea is the best combination ever created. Chef Marco uses all organic/pasture-raised chicken, turkey, beef and vegetables for the base. Add in the roasted kelp and dulse and your body feel better than ever. I’ve never had such a refreshing and healing food enter my body. I make broths all the time but they are doing something special here.

This Seaweed & Mushroom + Tuscan Sun is a delicious vegan broth. That’s right, they have something other than just bone broths for you! There’s nothing I love more everyone having options and that’s just what Brodo Broth makes happen. This fantastic savory broth base is made up of shiitake mushrooms, seaweed and vegetables. It’s 100% vegan. The lemon and rosemary oil from the Tuscan Sun compliment this broth and leave you feeling well and wanting more because it’s so delicious.

Brodo Broth - bone broth in NYC
Brodo Broth NYC - West Village

Tommy’s choice – Beef with Oishi Oishi – he loved this simple broth with a punch of mushrooms and grass-fed butter. He says you have to try this one when you visit Brodo for the best bone broth in NYC!

You can add different fats to your broth like coconut milk, ghee, bone marrow and EVOO.

The goods – Take out and take home

Red Gazpacho – This refreshing tomato soup has a base of grass-fed beef broth, EVOO and organic veggies. You can get it on tap or take home a big container for later in one of their refillable glass jars. Remember to bring back your jar for a $1 deposit return!

You must try the Green Garden smoothie. It’s made with kale, spinach, parsley, mango, green apple, banana, pumpkin seeds, coconut oil and chicken broth. This smoothie is delicious but not too sweet. It also doesn’t have much of the bone broth flavor so, it may be a good one to start with!

Everything Orange – Carrot, mango, orange, turmeric, ginger juice, banana, flax seed, coconut oil and chicken broth.. let’s talk about nutrient density! If you’re just starting out with bone broth, I’d opt for the Coffee Colada or the Green Garden as this one has a deep bone broth flavor (which is fantastic but may be too much when you’re getting started).

Brodo Broth - Organic Green Smoothie NYC - bone broth in NYC
Brodo Broth - Everything Orange Smoothie
Healthy Take Out NYC
Remember, you can order to go and stock up at home! This is some of what we got and kept in the van on our NYC trip!

What they’re all about

The concept of Brodo is quite amazing. Getting nutrient-dense, healing broths on tap for convenience is the best idea I’ve seen executed in a while. You can go out searching for calories all day long but you’ll be hard pressed to find such nutrient dense food like this anywhere else.

Why they’re excellent:

  • 100% compostable items (cups, cutlery and straws)
  • grass-fed broths
  • no citric acid or other funky additives
  • sea salts only (nothing iodized)
  • they use organic ingredients
  • no natural flavors or soy
  • they’re do it like grandma used to, no funny business
  • educated staff with a passion for what they’re a part of
  • Whole30 approved, paleo, milk-free and 12g of protein

So, what do you say? Are you going to add this shop for bone broth in NYC to your New York city guide! OH YEAH, order some bone marrow for your pup 🙂