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Looking for a dang good Minneapolis organic restaurant? Look no further, this 30+ year old restaurant is dedicated to real food with dang good flavor. Don’t leave without trying the Lingonberry Almond Torte.. it’s gluten free!

This Minneapolis Organic Restaurant is ALL you need for your next Minnesota trip!

French Meadow Bakery and Cafe – Minneapolis Organic Restaurant

There are so many of you who are from Minnesota who read this blog so, let’s go! This delicious farm-to-table restaurant has options for everyone whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, omnivore or…. dessertatarian 😉 Lynn and Steve, the owners of this Minneapolis organic restaurant center their menus around local, GMO-free and regenerative offerings.

This Minneapolis Organic Restaurant is ALL you need for your next Minnesota trip!

Dog friendly patio, let's go!
p.s they have a DOG FRIENDLY patio!

The goods

We ordered 11 different plates so, grab a snack and dig into this post.. maybe a napkin too; queue the drool!


Blueberry Corn Pancake (gf/v) – Gluten-free pancake lovers, here you go! This naturally gluten-free pancake is made with GMO-free corn, organic blueberries and drizzled with DANG GOOD Wisconsin maple syrup. Fear not.. it isn’t gummy and you can’t tell it’s gluten-free.

Cornmeal Waffle (gf/v) – Again with the gluten-free options… this perfectly sweet banana walnut waffle is to die for. It’s rich, filling and topped with a toffee syrup. The cornbread tones down the sweetness and the crunchy nuts make for a perfect breakfast.

Huevos Rancheros (gf/veg) – Blackbeans, GMO-free corn tortillas, chipotle sour cream.. what doesn’t sound good here. If you are into a crispy meal, the crunch of the tortillas paired with the runny eggs are your dream. This dish is moist, delicious and another one you can share!

This Minneapolis Organic Restaurant is ALL you need for your next Minnesota trip!

Cornbread pancakes... yeah!

Salmon Eggs Benedict – Check out that yolk.. the eggs they use are extremely orange = good quality! This dish has a fantastic texture, isn’t too fishy and comes with a side salad. If you are an eggs Benedict fan, look no further!

Breakfast Quesadilla (vg) – Ding ding ding.. my personal favorite! I found out after eating it that it wasn’t gluten-free but something about the sprouted sourdough process didn’t get me the gluten bumps I normally get when I eat gluten. It’s served with guacamole, salsa and chipotle sour cream. I highly recommend this crispy, scrambled egg filled quesadilla.


Earth Wings (v/gf) – These vegan wings took the money over the normal wings for me! Imagine an BBQ orange chicken flavor and that’s what you get here. They use a house made sesame BBQ sauce to cover the cauliflower wings. The Earth Wings are crispy on the outside and you won’t even miss the meat!

Chicken Wings (gf) – Talk about outrageous, the delicious house made BBQ sauce they create for these wings is a perfect combo with the savory dipping sauce. They’re a perfect ratio of juicy, tender, crispy and saucy. The sweet honey flavor sends them over the top.

Zen Salad (v/gf) – I’m not a kale girl (my husband gets on me) but they prepare the kale in this salad to perfection. This big green salad is topped with micro-greens, kalamata olives, roasted sunflower seeds, harissa, hummus, radish, guacamole and their house made vinaigrette. It’s colorful, vibrant, earthy and filled with unique flavors.


Spa Salad (v/gf) – I didn’t give this one a try but my guests did and they LOVED the flavor in this sesame cilantro salad. It has blackened organic tofu, seeds, sprouts and is topped with delicious nutrient-rich beets.

Petit Sirloin Steak & Eggs – Let’s be honest.. we ordered this one for the pup. We were chowing down so, I thought he deserved some steak. We weren’t the only ones.. another family did the same thing for their pup! They know how to cook a juicy steak at this Minneapolis organic restaurant. The hash browns are crispy, the eggs over easy and it comes with a side of sourdough bread.

Wild Acres Turkey Burger – Burger people, LET’S GO! My husband can’t stop raving about this juicy burger with a mega flavor punch. His words “It’s cooked to perfection, the fries are perfectly crispy and there’s a good amount of sauce.. dang.” This huge plate could be split with your friend/spouse and you’d both walk away full.

This Minneapolis Organic Restaurant is ALL you need for your next Minnesota trip!
This Minneapolis Organic Restaurant is ALL you need for your next Minnesota trip!

Lingonberry Almond Torte

Here’s what they’re all about

Fresh, innovative and allergen-free food is what this Minneapolis organic restaurant is all about. They want to provide a healthy eating space for people from every walk of life whether they’re choose gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan lifestyles.

  • 100% GMO-free ingredients
  • organic and local ingredients
  • sprouted sourdough bread
  • fair trade and sustainable coffee/tea
  • sustainable wines
  • regenerative agriculture
  • repurposed wood doors, tables, signs, etc.
  • making and serving slow food
  • providing good food to everyone

In 1985, French Meadow Cafe was the 1st organic bakery in America! Whoa. They have since been dedicated to delicious and organic desserts like pies, cinnamon roles, cakes, tarts and dessert wines. DO NOT.. I repeat.. DO NOT LEAVE without the Lingonberry Almond Torte (gf).

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This Minneapolis Organic Restaurant is ALL you need for your next Minnesota trip!

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  1. Kaylee

    What a fantastic spot, I will definitely be stopping in on my next trip through. Had no idea it was there.