Vinland – The 1st 100% Local, Organic Restaurant in the US

As soon as we chose our destination, the commemorative search for “organic restaurants in X city” proceeded which led me to find this organic restaurant in Portland Maine. After taking a poll on our Instagram and receiving a large influx of “go to Vinland!” responses, we knew we had to get in ASAP. Finally, we made it to the East Coast!

Vinland: THE Premier Organic Restaurant in Portland Maine

Quickly, I was able to discover the hype behind Vinland. They are the nation’s first 100% local and organic restaurant in Portland Maine. Also – when it comes to quality – Owner and Chef David is not cutting any corners. Get this, if he can’t find it local, it doesn’t come in the doors. It’s an honor to have Vinland on Wellness Everywhere – our site for wellness travelers – alongside the other restaurants!

Organic Restaurant in Portland Maine - Butchery | Local eats Maine
Local Butcher - Chef David - Preparing Lamb for Diner | Organic Restaurant in Portland Maine

The goods

Gravlax-Style Cured Halibut – As an Alaskan girl, I’m picky about my fish and Chef David knew exactly how to surprise and satisfy my taste buds. This ancient Scandinavian method cures the Halibut with sugar and salt. In Chef David’s case, local Maine Sea Salt and Maple Sugar. The refreshing taste of dill paired with tarragon and foraged Juniper makes for a delicious fish dinner. But wait, it’s not fishy, at all! If you aren’t into fish, give this a try. You’ll be surprised. It’s incredibly refreshing and is served with local peaches, string beans and sugar snap peas.

Hakurei Turnip Soup – This subtly sweet turnip soup is a combination of Japanese turnips – gently poached in yogurt whey – live sprouts, edible flowers and onions; all from Maine. After the soup is pureed, live yogurt is added for probiotics, better digestion and optimal gut health. Together with two types of basil, borage, bee balm and tubers begonia this soup is stunning. Best of all, the flavor is robust and bursting with savory and sweet notes. You can’t go wrong with this vibrant, nutritious and light soup.

Don’t stop there!

Fermented Rosemary Oat Cake – Pizza and pancake fans, unite! This delicious and perfectly prepared oat cake is the perfect combo of the two. It’s got the flavors of pizza with the consistency of a pancake. Better yet, the Casco Farms ghee he grills the cake in makes it perfectly crispy. Of course, chef tops it with local sheep’s milk feta because.. cheese! It’s beautifully plated (as you can see, 3rd photo down) and decorated with local flora. You can’t leave without trying this one! Remember, it’s gluten-free!

Herb Cured Lamb – The coolest part about this dish is that as we walked in to start the night, Chef David had just come up with the leg of the whole lamb downstairs. Uniquely, he gets one local lamb a week and uses every bit of the lamb for his dishes, broths and sauces. It’s seared to perfection and served with grilled fennel, greens, figs and lamb bone broth reduction. Additionally, the smoky flavor is phenomenal and it’s perfectly tender and juicy. Did I mention, it’s juicy!

Local Farms Portland, Maine
Local Maine Produce | 100% Organic Food
Organic Restaurant in Portland Maine

Here’s what they’re all about

Organic, local and nutrient dense food is Chef David’s standard and he will never shoot lower. Not only is his goal to nourish each guest with delicious and properly prepared food but also that each guest will leave feeling well and energized. Now, that’s a standard!

  • 100% local ingredients
  • 100% organic ingredients
  • nutrient dense foods
  • sprouted seeds, legumes
  • properly prepared foods
  • digestibility of food
  • nourishing foods
  • high quality ingredients
  • utilizing as much of the animal/plant as possible
  • proper butchery (Chef David apprenticed as a Butcher in Italy before opening Vinland)
  • nutrition education of the staff
  • lastly, 100% of spirits are from New England

Wellness to me is… to eat in a way that’s satisfying, enjoyable and focused on science and body chemistry. To live a lifestyle where there’s no purpose to diet. It’s to feel good. The intersection between ethical and sustainable. It’s a matter of optimizing for performance, longevity, cognitive function and everything that makes life… really… good.

Owner, Chef David Levi
House made Artichoke Syrup – like molasses except better! The polysaccharides are broken down during the boiling process which makes it more easily digested. Gut health galore!

The farms that feed you

  • Winslow Farm
  • Goranson Farm
  • Bumbleroot Farm
  • Forager Rick Tibbetts
  • North Spore
  • South Paw Farm
  • Two Farmers Farm
  • Swallowtail Farm
  • Thirty Acre Farm
  • Kate’s Butter
  • Lakin’s Gorges
  • Browne Trading Co.
  • Sonnenthal Farm
  • North Star Farm
  • Farmer’s Gate
  • Broadturn Farm
  • Olivia’s Garden
  • A&A Maple
  • Tide Mill Farm
  • Misty Brook Farm
  • Sewall’s Organic Orchard
  • Winter Hill Farm
  • East End Microgreens
  • Harbor Fish
  • Maine Lobster Direct
  • Black Fox Farm
  • Little Alaska Farm
  • And, Atlantic Holdfast Seaweed Co.

What’s your favorite Farm-to-table restaurant? Comment below so we can get them on the site!