100% Plant Based Food Hall in Providence, Rhode Island

Time to dive in at this plant based restaurant in Providence, Rhode Island!

Plant-based and vegan foodies, get ready for this. You know what, even if you eat sustainably and ethically-raised animal products (like me), get ready for this! This is the first plant-based marketplace and foodcourt and they are rocking it. Three restaurants, a bakery, coffeeshop and vegan marketplace all under one roof.. Plant City in Providence, Rhode Island has got it going on.

plant based restaurant in providence

100% Vegan Plant Based Restaurant in Providence, Rhode Island

When we pulled into Plant City in Providence, we couldn’t believe what was going on in “tiny Rhode Island”. We received many recommendations and were invited to come in but didn’t understand the full extent of what the amazing team at Plant City taking on. We visited, just 10 weeks after Plant City’s opening and stayed for a few days. In those three days, I didn’t see the place dead once. They truly are changing the world, one plate at a time.

Double Zero – Italian Edition

Remember, the entire menu is vegan. And my favorite of all, doesn’t contain any fake “meats”. Check this out!

Raw Lasagna (GF) happens to be my favorite because I can’t get enough basil in my life. This delicious raw dish is made up of crisp zucchini, local sprouts, house made vegan cheese, pesto and tomatoes. It’s BIG so, share with a friend!

This Gigante Pizza is a must when you stop it. We got the gluten-free crust (delicious) and it has the perfect wood-fired smoky taste with a crispy crust. It’s topped with gigante beans, house made cheese, chili oil, fennel, red peppers and preserved lemons. This pizza is cheesy, creamy, and delicious! Oh and it’s pretty spicy so, if you’re not a spicy fan, go for the Bianca instead.

Bianca Pizza is the way to go if you’re looking for a light, crispy and fresh pizza. It’s topped with banana peppers, macadamia ricotta, 3 other types of vegan cheese, plant yolk and pepperoncini. This garden fresh pizza is creamy and mild!

Dog friendly patio in Providence, Rhode Island | plant based restaurant in providence

Bar Verde – Mexican Edition

Loaded Nachos (GF) – Mexican food is my favorite food on the planet, chips and salsa to be exact so.. there was no question, I had to order the nachos! Their delicious house-made chips are thick and crunchy. They’re topped with tomatoes, guacamole, watermelon radish, black beans, cashew cheese and butternut queso. Do not walk out the door without trying them. Even if you share them as an appetizer with the whole family!

Vegan nachos from an amazing plant based restaurant in Providence

Make Out – Made to Order

Tommy also got the ricotta toast with radish and sprouts. It has a light flavor and super crispy base! Talking about toast, our visit to Seattle was amazing with this build your own FRENCH toast bar!

New Burger – Diner Edition

Classic Burger – Think pulled pork.. without the pork. Tommy dug into this one for me since it comes with a house made bun (contains gluten). He says it’s delicious, filling and falls apart in your mouth. It’s gorgeous, too! You can order a gluten-free bun or go naked with the lettuce wrap!

Chili Cheese Fries were Tommy’s breakfast, lunch and dinner. These simple diner-style fries have a smoked tomato flavor with cashew cheese and gigante chili beans. They’re your basic comfort food made vegan!

Their Seasonal Cobbler is out of the world, amazing. We got the peach since that’s what in season and they are not messing around with this cobbler. We joked about what we’d do with $200 to Plant City and both said we’d spend the full amount on this cobbler. It’s served with a couple scoops of ice cream from a local collaboration they did and that ice cream makes this dessert. Remember, it’s dairy free! (go to the comments for tommy’s day dream while eating this.. hahah)

Vegan burger from this plant based restaurant in Providence, Rhode Island

Marketplace – Grocery Store

What’s even better? They have an entirely plant-based grocery store with some of my favorite products like REBBL, Siete, CoCoYo, Harmless Harvest, Natracare, Hu Chocolate and many more. There is a frozen, refrigerated, pantry, beauty and CHOCOLATE section. All items are vegan and palm oil free.

We stocked up on Simple Mills pancake mix, grain-free chips, REBBL elixirs, chocolate, yogurt, coconut water and some of our other favorites. Additionally, they have a grab n’ go case with freshly made items. Keep an out out for the “day olds” with a killer price!

Gluten Free Options and Bakery | plant based restaurant in providence

What they’re all about

Plant City’s highly knowledgeable staff is what got me the most. I was thrilled to enter a place where people knew about autoimmunity, food allergies and eating for health. Many members of their staff have either gone through or are in school for nutrition and wellness. They’re passionate about their jobs and that makes your experience THAT much better.

Here’s what they focus on:

  • 100% plant-based
  • 100% vegan
  • palm oil-free menu
  • preservative and artificial ingredients free
  • all of what comes over the counter is compostable
  • recyclable items
  • low waste
  • gluten-free and soy-free menus
  • vegan marketplace for shopping
  • supporting local vendors and farmers

Here are some of the local farms that feed you + many more:

  • Waiter Family Farm (MA)
  • Taste Buds (MA)
  • Jonathan Sprouts (MA)
  • Farming Turtles (RI)
  • Quansett Farms (MA)
  • Carlsons Orchards (MA)
  • Green Thumb (MA)
  • JP Sullivan (MA)
  • Maple Lane Farms (CT)
  • Sprouts Microgreens (RI)
  • Sans Gluten (RI)
  • RI Mushroom CO (RI)
  • Seven Starts (RI)
  • Price Farina Pasta (RI)
  • Rebelle Bagel (RI)
  • Nitro Cart (RI)
  • Borealis Coffee (RI)
  • Luluna Kombucha (RI)
  • Leafy Green Tea (RI)
  • Celebrated (RI)
  • Miss Vegan (RI)
  • Deleite (RI)
  • Sacred Cow (RI)
  • Shady Lane Granola (RI)
  • Sribark (RI)
  • Unreal Candy (MA)

On top of that, they have a dog friendly patio. Gilligan got lots of belly scratches and loving so, grab the leash and bring your furry friend!

Eva, Kim and Frohman, you have my heart and full support. Thank you for what you’re doing and for having this plant based restaurant in Providence everyone can enjoy a meal together at.

Dog friendly patio in Providence, Rhode Island | plant based restaurant in providence
plant based restaurant in providence

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  1. admin Post author

    So, the fun story I talked about above was abut the Peach Cobbler. Here’s what Tommy explained!

    “I feel like I was transported to a farm, in fall, with a cozy fire place and flannel. Oh my gosh so good. Gift from the LORd above. It’s warm with cold ice cream, crispy, fresh and not too sweet. Close your eyes and mmm… pretty good. I don’t want to eat anything else but this for the rest of my life.”

    – Tommy 😉