Plant-Based Organic Thai & Israeli Food In Florida

This Southeast Florida organic restaurant is about to change your taste buds; for life. Screaming Carrots is the best food I’ve ever had in my life… I’ve had a lot of food. 20 years in Israel, this guy is no joke. p.s. there was an orange umbrella above us so, excuse the orangish photos 😉

Something my husband and I are big on is adventure. Any chance we get we say, “where should we go this weekend?”. We decided Fort Lauderdale, FL this time and could not have been more stoked to hit the road. Living in SWFL is pretty sweet because we are close to many different dream destinations. You might think, beachy, warm, outdoors, Florida must be super health conscious but you’d be surprised. You really have to dig to find a delicious (& healthy) place to eat here. That’s why I created Wellness Everywhere, so you don’t have to look any more. It’s all here on this website!

Southeast Florida Organic Restaurant (mmmm)

After a beautiful day at the (red tide free) beach, we were hungry… duh. So, we hit the road and were searching for something fresh, organic and local. That’s when I came across Screaming Carrots – an Israeli Thai restaurant in Hollandale Beach, FL. I don’t know if it was the cute orange umbrellas outside or the cute name that caught my eye. Whatever it was, I am so happy we didn’t pass it by. I called in, checked on their ingredients and we were on our way!

The reviews were incredible, the IG posts looked delicious and we were HUNGRY. This was good because dang…. their serving sizes are no joke. My husband and I sat outside because they were filled to the brim inside. Well, that’s always a good sign, huh?? The owner quickly came out, brought us a glass pitcher of (non-iced/filtered) water and the menus. Oh my gosh, what the heck are we supposed to choose? Spring Rolls, Falafels, Mac n’ Cheese, Soup of the Day, Salads, Sandwiches.. there are so many options. Did I mention, this southeast florida organic restaurant is plant-based? That’s right, they don’t use any animals products which means that Mac n’ Cheese above is DAIRY-FREE baby. Dreams do come true.

southeast florida organic restaurant

The Goods

Here’s what we got… it’s a lot so, hang on!

  1. Thai Mango Salad – PRESENTATION is everything and they nailed it. It’s served in a wooden bowl and is absolutely beautiful. Even better, it tastes better than it looks. Mangos, cabbage, carrots + more veggies and a tamarind sauce.
  2. Thai Green Curry – The spice factor is real so, if you aren’t a spicy fan… ask for mild. If you are a spicy fan, clarify spicy because Thai spicy is different than american Taco Bell “hot” sauce. This soup is my favorite. Lemongrass, galangal, shredded veggies and spice made it perfect. I couldn’t put my spoon down even though I was breaking a sweat!
  3. Spring Rolls (for my gluten eating friends, my husband tasted these ones for me) – He explained them as crispy perfection rolls. They are filled with fresh veggies that perfectly balance out the fact that they are fried. “The dipping sauce 100%  makes this dish.”
  4. Falafel – I am a falafel snob, I’ve had them in different parts of the world and these are the best ones I have had to date. When you get a falafel, you want a bright green inside, crispy outside, delicious hummus and a refreshing flavor. They should never be crumbly or dry. This southeast florida organic restaurant is your standard, you deserve nothing less 😉
  5. Mushrooms in Coconut Milk Soup – Talk about a refreshing and unique flavor! Pair this with the Thai Green Curry and you will be able to handle the heat of the curry. Coconutty mushroom flavor paired together is somewhat magical… you have to try this one!

Don’t go anywhere, it’s time for dessert

Dessert, because it’s me guys… we chose the Middle Eastern Pudding + a {big} Blueberry Shake. The pudding is out of the world tasty. It comes out looking like Creme Brulee but don’t be fooled, it’s 77x better. On top you will get a layer of rose petal extract, crushed pistachios and coconut flakes. There’s even more underneath so, don’t scrape off the top. Dive all the way to the bottom and get a big spoon full. The flavor profile is incredble and the rose taste is refreshing.

The Blueberry Shake is BIG like… split it. Here’s what’s in it: (all organic) blueberries, gogi berries, matcha, vanilla, dates and unsweetened almond milk. BEST OF ALL?? It came with a paper straw, my heart grew 3 times bigger when I saw this. When it first came out I was like.. really? They do all this work but still use plastic? I will have to talk with them about this and then IT WAS PAPER. Good thing I read the wrapper.

Here’s what they are all about

  • organic ingredients
  • real delicious flavors found in food, not added
  • authentic cuisine from the souce (Thailand and Israel)
  • no plastic
    • paper straws, paper boxes, glass dishes
  • nutrient rich and affordable food without sacrificing flavor
  • plant-based (no animals products)
  • always GMO-free
  • local whenever possile
  • predominately organic

Gluten-free, celiac and soy-free friends (like me), they do have wheat and soy in the facility but do great with seperation and keeping things from being contaminated. As always, ask and figure out what they can do for you!

During my time at this southeast florida organic restaurant – Screaming Carrots – I was reminded of 2 things. 1) Good food that’s good for you doesn’t have to be tasteless or break your bank & 2) If you have a dream, chase the heck after it and don’t let anyone or any excuse stop you! Looking for more delicious Florida eats? Here’s a GF Bakery and an eclectic comfort food cafe!

southeast florida organic restaurant - thai food